WLED Clock

I’m really excited to show this one off. It was a milestone for me, as it was the first project where I created and printed custom parts on my 3D printer!

I was browsing Thingiverse, and came across this project. Then I looked around my house and noticed our huge wooden clock…

So began my quest for a WLED Clock. I needed some sort of hoop or round bracket to hold the LEDs in place, but it needed to be 26″ in diameter. The only thing I could find were expensive maple rims for bass drums. So I decided to make my own bracket. After watching a couple videos on AutoCAD Fusion 360, I had this:

I know it’s not a whole lot, but it’s the first thing I created!

Then I just assembled it all. I used ~2M of WS2812B strip (124 LEDs), with a Wemos D1 Mini running WLED as the controller. I used this to mount the Wemos.

Complete! I’m eagerly awaiting the addition of some more options for the analog clock overlay in WLED.

Analog clock mode
Analog Clock
Rainbow Effect
Of course I set it up in LEDfx too
Bit of a longer demo with LEDfx
Another demo.
Last one, I promise.

Parts Used:

  • Wemos D1 Mini
  • WS2812B 5V LED strip (124 LEDs)
  • 5V 6A DC Power Adapter
  • 3-pin male/female harness connectors
  • 5.5mm Female DC connector
  • Wemos D1 Mini Bumper Mount (3D Printed)
  • (8) Self-designed custom brackets (3D Printed)