Walter the Musical Goose

This is a quick temporary build I did for Goosemas. I used a Fox Valley Trader’s yard Goose. It’s hollow, and has a hole in the bottom, so I decided to add music-activated lights to it, using WLED and LEDfx.

The LED controller is a Wemos D1 Mini. It’s controlled by a Raspberry Pi 3B running the LEDfx software (see the notes section below).

The base was made of 3/8″ foam board topped with cork. The vertical part was made of corrugated plastic. It was a little weak, so I laminated 2 pieces together. The strip was just attached using some tape.



Walter getting down to Doey Joey.
The whole Goosemas setup.


Since this was a very temporary build, Walter didn’t attach to the base, he just sat on it.

I decided to power it via USB (plugged into the Wemos, and then powered the LEDs via the 5V/GND pins). It got quite hot after a few mins and would freeze up, so I had to take the board out of its project box. It ran stable after that.

I have a Raspberry Pi 3B with a USB mic that I run LEDfx on. It provides all of the audio-responsive effects.

Parts Used:

  • Wemos D1 Mini
  • WS2812B 5V LED strip (25 LEDs)
  • USB Mini charger
  • 3-pin male/female harness connectors
  • 5.5mm DC connector