Indoor Lettuce Project

Here’s a project I just finished up. It’s something I really wanted to have going through the winter, but didn’t get around to.

Our goal was to be able to grow some lettuce indoors, year-round. This Ikea bookshelf seemed like a great place to set it up:

I used 4 red/1 blue plant LED strips from Aliexpress. Here’s a gallery of the project.

Initially, I used a cheap LED controller that had an RF remote. But almost immediately, I started having problems with it. Namely, that it didn’t really want do dim or turn off. Then this happened…

Yes, it started burning up.

I ended up replacing that controller with a much better PWM dimmer controller, and I’m now happy with the setup. Of course, I have a z-wave switch module connected so that I can automate it with Home Assistant.